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Alternate Part NumberPart NameReplaced PNQuanityMaterial Condition
S08208-002-P2 AerFilm LHR Doghouse Panel Assy Decorative Cover Parts 401U3500-50033, 401U3500-50049, 401U3500-5099, 401U3500-51176, 401U3500-51199, 401U3500-51257, 401U3500-51269, 401U3500-514, 401U3500-51527, 401U3500-516, 401U3500-5178, 401U3500-5740, 401U3500-5814, 401U3500-5860, 401U3500-5896, 401U3500-5898, 401U3500-5909, 401U3500-5950, 401U3500-5990, 401U3500-5996, 401W1104-107
Aircraft Models
Boeing (B777-200, -300 series)
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