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Alternate Part NumberPart NameReplaced PNQuanityMaterial Condition
S011431 AerTrim LW Crew Rest, Cart Lift, and Stairway Assemblies Decorative Cover Parts 232U2210-155, 232U2210-160, 232U2210-180, 232U2210-19, 232U2210-190, 232U2210-5, 232U2220-147, 232U2220-148, 413U3143-112, 413U3143-113, 413U3143-45, 413U3143-50, 413U3143-88, 413U3143-89, 413U3143-90, 413U3143-91, 413U3143-92, 413U3143-93, 413U3143-94, 413U9014-16, 413U9014-19, 413U9015-38, 413U9015-39, 413U9015-40, 413U9016-38, 413U9016-39, 413U9017-18, 413U9017-19
Aircraft Models
Boeing (747-400 series)
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