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Alternate Part NumberPart NameReplaced PNQuanityMaterial Condition
1195 Dorsal Fin 99619-02, 99619-04
Aircraft Models
Piper (PA-28-140 S/N 28- 7225001 and up except Flite Liner Model, PA-28-151, and -161, PA-28-180 S/N 28- 7205001 and up, PA-28-235 S/N 28- 7210001 and up, PA-28-236, PA-28R -200 S/N 28R7235001 and up, PA-28-181, -201, and 201T, PA-28R-201T, PA-32-260 S/N 32- 7200001 and up, PA-32 -300 S/N 32-7240001 and up, PA-32R, PA-32R-300, and -310,PA-32-301, and 301T)
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