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Alternate Part NumberPart NameReplaced PNQuanityMaterial Condition
S1279 AerTrim LW Partition/Divider Panel Assy Decorative Cover Parts 401U3503-1161 401U3503-1163, 401U3503-1176, 401U3503-1178, 433W1410-5, 433W1410-6, 433W1411-2, 433W1421-7, 433W3112-7, 433W3112-8, 433W3113-3, 433W3222-7, 433W3222-8, 433W3224-3, 433W3224-4, 433W3224-5, 433W3224-6, 434W1200-3, 434W1200-4, 434W1300-12, 434W1300-13, 434W1300-5, 434W1300-8
Aircraft Models
Boeing (777-200 series, 777-300 series)
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