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Part NumberPart NameReplacement ForQuanityMaterial Condition
S51431-009-P2 AerFilm LHR Closet Assy Decorative Cover Parts 413U3123-10, 413U3123-12, 413U3123-25, 413U3123-8, 413U3123-83, 413U3123-85, 413U3139-126, 413U3146-83, 413U3146-91, 413U3176-72, 413U3176-73, 413U3181-18, 413U3181-46, 413U3181-48, 413U3181-97, 413U3181-98, 413U3187-130, 413U3187-16, 413U3188-21, 413U3188-22, 413U3188-29, 413U3188-30, 413U3319-121, 413U3319-130, 413U3333-179, 413U3333-181, 413U3333-182, 413U3333-184
Aircraft ModelsPMA NumberAssignment Date
Boeing (747-400 series) PQ2722CE-D 2009-07-01
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