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Alternate Part NumberPart NameReplaced PNQuanityMaterial Condition
RAI 2510-00-1030-3 Switch Module Assembly 411-0723-5
Aircraft Models
Airbus (A300, Model B2-1A, A300, Model B2-1C, A300, Model B4-2C, A300, Model B2K-3C, A300, Model B4-103, A300, Model B2-203, A300, Model B4-203, A300, Model B4-601, A300, Model B4-603, A300, Model B4-620, A300, Model B4-605R, A300, Model B4-622R, A300, Model F4-605R, A300, Model F4-622R, A300, Model C4-605R, Variant F, A300, Model B4-622, A310, Model 204, A310, Model 221, A310, Model 222, A310, Model 203, A310, Model 322, A310, Model 324, A310, Model 304, A310, Model 325, A319 Model -111, A319 Model -112, A319 Model -113, A319 Model -114, A319 Model -115, A319 Model -131, A319 Model -132, A319 Model -133, A320 Model -111, A320 Model -211, A320 Model -212, A320 Model -214, A320 Model -231, A320 Model -232, A320 Model -233, A321 Model -111, A321 Model -112, A321 Model -131, A321 Model -211, A321 Model -231, A321 Model -212, A321 Model -213, A321 Model - 232, A330-200 Series , Models , A330-201, A330-202, A330-203, A330-223, A330-243, A330-300 Series , Models , A330-301, A330-302, A330-303, A330-321, A330-322, A330-323, A330-341, A330-342, A330-343, A340-200 Series , Models , A340-211, -212, -213, A340-300 Series Models , A340-311, -312, -213, A340-540 Series , Models A340-541, A340-600 Series , Models A340-642) Boeing (727 Series,, 727-100 Series, 727C Series, 727-100C Series, 727-200 Series, 727-200F Series, 737-100 Series, 737-200 Series, 737-200C Series, 737-300 Series , 737-400 Series, 737-500 Series, 737-600 Series, 737-700 Series, 737-700C Series, 737-800 Series, 737-900 Series, 737-900C Series, 747-100 Series, 747-100B SUD Series, 747-200B Series, 747-200F Series, 747-200C Series, 747SR Series, 747SP Series, 747-300 Series, 747-400 Series, 747-400D Series, 747-400F Series, 757-200 Series, 757-200PF Series, 757-200CB Series, 757-300 Series, 767-200 Series, 767-300 Series, 767-300F Series, 767-400ER Series, 777-200 Series, 777-300 Series, 777-300ER Series, 777-200LR Series) Lockheed (L-1011-385-1,, L-1011-385-1-14,, L-1011-385-1-15,, L1011-385-3) McDonnell Douglas (DC-9-11, DC-9-12,, DC-9-13, DC-9-14,, DC-9-15, DC-9-15F,, DC-9-21, DC-9-31,, DC-9-32, DC-9-32 (VC-9C), DC-9-32F,, DC-9-32F, (C-9A, C-9B) , DC-9-33F, DC-9-34, DC-9-34F, DC-9-41, DC-9-51, DC-9-81 (MD-81),, DC-9-82 (MD-82),, DC-9-83 (MD-83),, DC-9-87 (MD-87),, MD-88, MD-90-30, 717-200, DC-10-10, DC-10-10F, DC-10-30, DC-10-30F, MD-10-10F, MD-10-30F, MD-11, MD-11F)
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